So I do volunteering at the PDSA, and I have been doing it for 3 weeks. I went in today at 1.30, well meant to, but got in at 1.10 and I am meant to do 4 hours. So it got to 5.15, and I asked if I could go because I did my 4 hours, but I wasn’t allowed because my time shift is 1.30-5.30 but I said that I had done the 4 hours expected of me, but that wasn’t good enough. And then to top it off, I get my bus fare paid for me, so I asked of i could have the £1.95 for the bus to actually get home, but I need a valid bus ticket to prove the price. But I never got told that so I thought they gave it to you. And what is a valid bus ticket any way? I hate it know and I have only been there 3 weeks or days because I only do Saturdays!

Leave you views in the comments section please good advise needed


Photo of favourite movie


So, I have decided to hold a contest where you take a picture related to your favourite movie.
If you win then I will make a blog all about you, to make you more popular. The photo can be of anything as long as you tell me which movie it is from and/or how it is related.
My favourite movie is the avengers, hence the avengers logo. It can be as creative as you want it to be, so get photoing



My week at school has been terrible, first you get picked on, and then you get exams, does this ever stop. But one good thing happened I got my Harry Potter Deathly Hallows bracelet and it is awsome love it