Hot actors


20140429-175814.jpg these are my 2 favourite actors, I love them sooooo much



So I do volunteering at the PDSA, and I have been doing it for 3 weeks. I went in today at 1.30, well meant to, but got in at 1.10 and I am meant to do 4 hours. So it got to 5.15, and I asked if I could go because I did my 4 hours, but I wasn’t allowed because my time shift is 1.30-5.30 but I said that I had done the 4 hours expected of me, but that wasn’t good enough. And then to top it off, I get my bus fare paid for me, so I asked of i could have the £1.95 for the bus to actually get home, but I need a valid bus ticket to prove the price. But I never got told that so I thought they gave it to you. And what is a valid bus ticket any way? I hate it know and I have only been there 3 weeks or days because I only do Saturdays!

Leave you views in the comments section please good advise needed


Photo of favourite movie


So, I have decided to hold a contest where you take a picture related to your favourite movie.
If you win then I will make a blog all about you, to make you more popular. The photo can be of anything as long as you tell me which movie it is from and/or how it is related.
My favourite movie is the avengers, hence the avengers logo. It can be as creative as you want it to be, so get photoing